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International Association For Quality Management Certification

From experiment to worldwide movement: While the internet enabled large-scale innovation across a wide range of businesses, higher education only reached a small percentage of the world’s curious minds. One afternoon in an Academic lab, Professor M.P and his colleagues from ST. THOMAS devised a long-shot experiment: a platform that would give their courses online, to anybody willing to take the task. In February 2005, Professor Agarwal’s Quality Management course was released, and IAQMC was created.

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(IAQMC) The International Association for Quality Management Certification is established in 2005 to deliver life-changing learning opportunities for students around the globe. Currently, IAQMC is a virtual education portal that gives everyone access to online lessons and qualifications from world-class academia and corporations.

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What make us special ?

IAQMC stands out for its global reach, partnerships with Fortune 500 firms, and commitment to accessible, life-changing learning. As a leader in quality management education, we offer rigorous certification processes and innovative online learning initiatives. Our dedication to excellence, inclusivity, and continuous innovation sets us apart, empowering individuals worldwide to unlock their full potential and become changemakers in their communities.

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Who are we ?

IAQMC - Empowering Global Learning since 2005! Join our virtual education portal for life-changing opportunities. With 1.4M+ participants, 100+ Fortune 500 partnerships, and 6,400+ campuses worldwide, we're your gateway to success. Experience world-class online lessons and qualifications tailored for you. Unlock your potential with IAQMC and become a catalyst for positive change today!
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What we do ?

IAQMC: Setting Standards, Building Futures globally! As a third-party recognition body, we establish benchmarks for Lean Six Sigma excellence. Operating in 50+ nations, we offer standardized instruction customized to individual needs. Partnering with students and corporations, we pave the way for optimal career paths. Join us and elevate your journey with IAQMC today!
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Our Vision ?

At IAQMC, our core commitments drive our mission: We democratize education through online learning, empowering learners globally. We elevate teaching and learning standards on and offline, fostering innovation. We lead through research, ensuring our programs are relevant and effective. Join IAQMC in advancing education for all, everywhere.

Embracing the transformative power of online learning opens a gateway to boundless opportunities. It's not merely about acquiring knowledge; it's a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. With every lesson learned and skill acquired, we pave the path towards career success.

- MD, Co-Founder -

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